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These visas allow the migration to Australia of family members of Australian citizens, permanent reidents and eligible New Zealand citizens. The  following visas are available for family migration:​

Family Visa​s

1. Prospective Marriage Visas- Fiancee Visas


​​You will be interested in this visa if you are engaged to be married to an Australian citizen, permanent resident or an Eligible New Zealand citizen.​

2.Partner visa (including defacto relationships, same sex partners and spouses)​

This option is for applicants who already have established relationships with a ​sponsoring partner. The main requirement is that the couple is either in a married or defacto relationship. Depending on cases, applicants can lodge Onshore Visa (from within Australia) and Offshore Visa (from outside of Australia). Members of the family unit of the applicant may also be included in the application.​​

3. Child, adoption, dependent child & orphan relative visas

These visas are for the children and orphan relatives of an Australian  citizen, a permanent resident or an Eligible New Zealand citizen. Please contact us to know whether the prospective applicant meet the requirements of these visas.​

4. Parent, carer, remaining relative & aged dependent relative visas​

These visas are available, under certain circumstances, to the natural, adoptive or step parents ( and also to the members of their family units) of Australian citizens, permanent residents or Eligible New Zealand citizens.

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