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Education Services


We also look for courses for clients, submit application on clients' behalf and apply for  their student visas. Clients have the option of airport pick-ups.

Provide you with Legal Migration advice


Your Migration Consultant is registered with Migration Agents Registration Authority; and as such, will provide you with written legal advice based on current Migration Laws and regulations. You can rely on the advice to plan your migration pathway to Australia.


Assessment and Planning

As one of my clients we will go through a series of steps together to be able to reach your dream destination. Firstly, I gather as much information which allows me to make a genuine assessment of your case. If you meeet the requirements to migrate to Australia, Lucky Dodo Migration will give you a written advice of the steps that we will take towards applying for the visa. If you do not currently meet all the requirements of a particular visa, Lucky Dodo Migration will provide you with advice on how to achieve your goal.

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